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  • New Year, New Trends

    Jan 02, 2014


    Important Online Marketing Strategies to Know for 2014

    Today, there are 2.4 billion Internet users*. By 2017, there will be about 3.6 billion Internet users—more than 48% of the world's projected population (7.6 billion)*. Now is time to augment your online presence.

    Below are some helpful t...

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  • What Makes A Good Logo?

    Dec 02, 2013

    Two common questions that I’m asked as a Graphic Designer are: (1) “What makes a good logo?” and consequently (2) “What makes a bad logo?” Logos are a great course of inspiration, especially when you pay attention to the conceptual details that designers incorporate into each and every one...

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Premier Website Design & Development 

Often times, a website serves as the primary face of the company, making our job at Yo!Dog even more important. The Designers and Developers at Yo!Dog will craft and mold a website that truly fits your company’s style and streamline its presence. We’ll work closely with your team to design an eye-catching website that represents your company, engages its users, implements the latest technology, and promotes online sales. On top of that, Yo!Dog also offers SEO writing services to augment your website’s search ranking. A beautiful website is nothing if you can’t be found, right? 


Let Yo!Dog develop, design, and optimize your website for business SUCCESS.

Enjoy Easy Content Management

Using our proprietary CMS (Content Management System), we created a platform resulting in fully functional websites as a finished product. These range from an entry-level design to the most advanced websites available.

Our platform allows the user to easily manage and update content at a moment’s notice. From swapping out text, adding an image, or confirming a comment to your blog, our system allows the user to also move around content on the fly, using a simple “drag & drop” functionality. This empowers our users to adjust content on their own and feel even more confident about the product they use. 

Our proprietary CMS is top of the line and contains all the tools to make a business successful. We are constantly making updates and adding new features to our tool and interface to make it easier for our clients to use and be confident in doing so.


Go Mobile!

Using the latest the web standards and technology, Yo!Dog can take a standard site and make it mobile-friendly across all mobile devices. With screen-sizes varying in size and pixel dimension, we want to make sure your website transitions and reacts accordingly to the viewer's mobile device, so no one misses a thing!

Through stacking and adjusting vital information, we make sure that users always see the most important information on the website, and do so in a timely manner while still being able to experience the website. Doing so, we keep the user ENGAGED and returning to the mobile site.


Benefits of Responsive Websites:

  • Mobile-friendly - no “pinch-to-zoom” or tiny font
  • Sizing down on smart phones or tablets have a familiar “app” look while still being your company’s website
  • Can be found via search and optimized - helps page ranking
  • Development costs low relative to stand-alone app development
  • Y!DM will help with creating rich, mobile experiences for customers that includes
  • Their ability to find you via search on mobile devices (browser and voice)
  • Their experience with your website via mobile
  • Having an enhanced experience with more intimacy via a mobile app